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December 12 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint is the Basic and the easiest application within the Office Suite to create Presentations. It has been evolving from the beginning of Office Package by Microsoft and has developed to provide a greater facility to its user.
With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can design visually stunning presentations with text, graphics, photos, video, animation, and much more. Once you have created your PowerPoint 2010 presentation, you can then deliver your presentation in person, present it remotely over the web, or share the files with others.
This application is used to create presentations for different purposes such as education, business etc. MS PowerPoint facilitates to create presentations to fulfill the user’s requirements with different tools.
As you can see above Users can select a Blank document to start, our own templates, or can browse Office.com to search new templates such as Design Slides, Agendas, Reports, Calendars, Invoices, Greeting Cards etc.
Therefore, this will be time effective considering the different templates provided by the MS PowerPoint 2010. Business can easily exploit the templates to input their Data and to convert them to Information which can be presented in different forms to other Stake Holders in an eye catching view.

Ribbon Interface and Backstage view has enabled the PowerPoint 2010 more comfortable than its predecessors.

“Home” Tab of the Ribbon provides the User more options in a one panel. Thus, User can select the required option with a reduced amount of time. 
“Insert” Tab has new features for example Screen Shots. Photo Album can be loaded & edited; Audio & Videos can be inserted to the presentation. Thus, more creativity is provided to the presentation.
“Design” Tab enables user to add a different, colorful background to the presentation.
“Transitions” Tab enables to add effects when switching to the next slide or to the existing slide.
“Animations” Tab facilitates to animate the characters and other objectives based on the User’s preferences.
Other Tabs: Slide Show, Review, View are also useful because the greater efficiency and effectiveness provided by the 2010 version.
Users can save the document as number of different types of documents which were unavailable to its predecessors.
E.G: PDF, PNG, JPEG, Slide Show
Presentation can also be saved as a Video.
However, it’s important to use Activated Office Suite for enabling all the functions of MS PowerPoint 2010 that can be used to facilitate smooth functioning of the Application. You can spend a large amount of money to buy the Product key from Microsoft or just Download Here by reading the article.
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